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Business consult & coaching

We work together with our clients to solve challenges for international and regional businesses. A personalized “Business to Business” approach for every of your projects, with and for you, is our philosophy. We help, assist and provide solutions to the key steps of your business- or trading process. Our cooperation with professionals and companies on the mayor continents since over 35 years give us a wide as well as profound experience and numerous worldwide contacts.

Water Treatment Services, Systems & Solutions

We seek to distinguish ourselves, in helping decision makers, managers and project engineers by offering a broad range of proprietary and specialist techniques, required for ‘online water treatment’ in commercial to large municipal or industrial installations. We can rely on the strong support of our international partners in terms of presence, networking and experience. We provide a complete range of integrated technologies, equipment and services for our satisfied customers in the water industry.

Health, nutrition & Life coaching

We advise, consult and coach teams, sportsmen as well as civilians in need. We improve, develop and extend their look, well being and longevity. We can also bring you some important missing pieces to the complex puzzle of your life or re-format it when needed, always based on proven or the latest science. Ask for our dynamic cocktail for your life’s enhancement, towards the new you: the seven enjoyvity steps.

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  • Verheyen Consulting

    Let us Shape your Business

    We can help you in the greater Europe and beyond with: Export advice, Market studies & analyses, New product launches, Promotions, Back-up for actual suppliers/customers , Attracting new business. A specific personalized program in function of your actual needs and budget. Send us your questions and ask for our extensive reference list.

  • Turbo4bio

    Let us Shape your Water

    Follow with us the new wave of proven, green, sustainable water treatment technologies: new H2O technologies www.nextfiltration.com, R.O. control systems www.icontrols.net, process equipment infrastructure www.bbd.rs, MBBR/IFAS wastewater treatment www.turbo4bio.com

  • Lesik

    Let us Shape your Body

    Based on the bio-electronics and the science of healthy balance of the micro-flora in your gut, Search and find your full health from the inside, Protect your family with the right probiotics, Inform yourself and try our unique Lesik® ferments, Get full details at www.fermentsoflife.com

  • Enjoyvity

    Let us Shape your Health & Look

    Ask us genuine and personalized advises for aging in good health: Get first and for free an introduction of your path to true self-healing, Learn how to easily and healthy live extra years, Let us become your personal health and development coach, Dive into our latest health-bible: ‘Your full spectrum of life’. Get full details at www.enjoyvity.com

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